Beetroot Powder

Beetroot Powder
Beetroot powder is a good source of folic acid, a good source of manganese, and contains betaine, a naturally occurring amino acid cysteine congener, that lowers the homocysteine concentration. Beetroot powder is rich in nutrients and offers a variety of health benefits. In addition to being beneficial to health, beetroot powder is used as a food colorant and traditional home remedy. Here are some of the health benefits of beetroot. The benefits of red beet powder on the skin include its cleansing effect and help remove toxins from the body.
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    Product Details

    Product Name: Beetroot Powder

    Latin Name: Beta Vulgaris

    Used Part: Root

    Appearance: Purple red fine powder

    Place of Origin: Qinling mountain

    Drying Method: Air drying

    Certificates: Organic, Kosher, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001


    Red beetroot is a kind of vegetable that is widely grown in China. We chose the base of organic plants based on sugar beet in Qinling, the base of organic plants, plants that do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators, nor do they use genetic engineering and ionizing radiation. Technically, as long as the laws of nature are followed, agriculture, physical and biological soil fertility methods are adopted, pests are prevented, no pesticide residues, no chemical hormones, ultra-low heavy metals, and 100% natural and healthy.

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