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Broccoli Powder May Have The Function Of Cancer Curing


The compounds found in broccoli sprouts not only help prevent cancer but also hope to cure cancer. This compound, known as Sulforaphane, is widely found in vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, and especially high concentrations of broccoli buds. Sulforaphane can also be used as a dietary supplement to treat degenerative neuropathy (BSE). Texas agronomists and the Oregon Health Science Center, scientists in the United States have previously found that sulforaphane can inhibit colon cancer cells and prostate cancer cells in vitro in laboratory experiments. They have now shown that this compound has a similar effect in humans.

In a clinical study, 28 volunteers over the age of 50 underwent routine colonoscopy. Researchers also investigated the dietary habits of their cruciferous vegetables. Their colon biopsy found that the expression of the tumor suppressor gene p16 was high in volunteers who regularly consumed broccoli, and that gene expression levels were low in volunteers with small amounts of cruciferous vegetables.

However, it seems strange that the retention time of seluralkane in the body is very short and no ura or sulfone is detected in the body within 24 hours. This may indicate that some epigenetic modifications are triggered by sulforaphane and its metabolites, so that even if the residence time of sulforaphane is short, the mechanism or pathway downstream can continue, at least in the short term. "In other words, eating foods containing sulforaphane can "change your genes and help your body fight the growth of tumors."

But it is not only good news: in animal models, sulforaphane has been shown to inhibit the development of colon cancer, but it is indeed a double-edged sword: sulforaphane can induce expression of Nrf2 called proteins, with antioxidants Detoxification, apparently in the development of cancer, Nrf2 can also promote the growth of tumors, and even increase the accumulation of plaque in the arteries of the cancer cells, so scientists believe that Nrf2 is worthy of in-depth exploration, applies only to the treatment of cancer, and the protein Can exist in the regulation of cardiovascular disease.

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