Organic Pomegranate Powder

Organic Pomegranate Powder
Pomegranate powder is made from fresh pomegranate fruit. Pomegranate juice powder contains ellagic acid, polyphenols, glycosides, etc. It has anti-cancer and anti-oxidation effects. In addition to pomegranate powder, there are many kinds of nutrients with good water solubility and are widely used in foods and beverages.
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    Product Details

    Product Name:Organic Pomegranate Powder

    Latin Name:Punica granatum linn.

    Used Part:Fruit

    Appearance:Faint red fine powder

    Place of Origin:Ling tong

    Drying Method: Spray drying

    Certificates: Organic, Kosher,FDA,HACCP, ISO9001


    We chose Lintong's pomegranate in Shaanxi, which ranks first in the origin of the five major pomegranates in China. It is bright in color, juicy and sweet, and enjoys a high reputation worldwide for its high quality. Pomegranate grows in the north of Lintong Mountain. Large temperature difference between day and night, good water permeability, climate and soil conditions provide a favorable environment for pomegranate cultivation

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