Wolfberry Powder

Wolfberry Powder
Berry berry powder, also known as loquat powder, is a bright orange fine powder of fresh shrubs from bushes native to China. Berry berry powder is used to treat many common health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fever and age-related eye problems. Goji berries are a rich source of nutrients and amino acids. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 21 trace minerals also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals.
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    Product Details

    Product Name: Wolfberry Powder

    Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L.

    Used Part: Fruit

    Appearance: Orange fine powder

    Place of Origin: Ningxia

    Drying Method: Spray drying

    Certificates: Organic, Kosher, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001


    We chose the crickets of Ningxia, which is the birthplace and origin of the world's crickets. It is also China's main quail breeding area and new variety. Ningxia wolfberry has been planted for more than 600 years, and its unique geographical environment and climate are crickets, and the growth of crickets in Ningxia. Provides the most superior natural environment, bright color, large size, less seeds, good taste, loved by the world.

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