Organic Cranberry Powder

Organic Cranberry Powder
Cranberry powder is made from North American cranberry juice. Fruit is a larger berry than a plant leaf, originally light green and reddish when ripe. It is edible and has a sour taste that can overpower its sweetness.
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    Product Details

    Product Name:Organic Cranberry Powder

    Latin Name:Oxycoccos

    Used Part:Fruit

    Appearance:Purple red fine powder

    Place of Origin:North American

    Drying Method: Spray drying

    Certificates: Organic, Kosher, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001


    We import organic cranberry juice from North America. The American cranberry taste is pure and stable. Cranberry is rich in nutrients in fruits, in addition to essential vitamin C, it also contains nutrients in most fruits and vegetables, cranberry is a natural antibacterial health care fruit, there are many human health benefit.

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